Hawaii Workplace™ brings ease and confidence to running a business and having employees. We specialize in managing the responsibilities of human resources, payroll, safety and benefits while fostering systematic growth of a company’s vision and strategy. We help translate client objectives into measurable milestones and strategies for implementation.

Hawaii Workplace emerged out of the growing demand observed by founders, Desirée Watson and Mark Watson, and their personal success dealing with the fast-changing conditions inherent in the companies they each owned.

Desirée Watson

Hawaii Workplace™ president, Desirée Watson, began her entrepreneurial journey in 1984 with an ice cream shop after studying management and accounting at Barnes Business College in Denver. Since that time she has owned or co-owned companies in book publishing, high-end construction, a shopping center, the multifamily apartment business, executive coaching and training, and human resource management.

An executive coach since 2004, Desirée specializes in assisting business leaders and entrepreneurs to build the solid foundations necessary to bring their visions to life. Her strengths include communications, networking, conflict resolution, clarifying priorities, and “listening between the lines” for what is needed to strengthen and carry out important business initiatives.

Mark Watson

Executive coach and business strategist, Mark Watson, started his first business as a teenager providing home repair services, and has since owned or co-owned companies in construction, greeting card manufacturing, multifamily apartments, performance coaching and systems planning.

During his 21-year career as a building contractor, Mark developed a unique system of communication and organization that fostered strong customer relations and eliminated the "contractor nightmare" scenario that you often hear about the industry. In manufacturing, Mark employed a similar approach to establish self-managing production teams at a maquiladora assembly plant in Mexico, and national distribution operations in San Diego.

Hawaii Workplace is a strong advocate for entrepreneurs and executive leaders—providing the tools and experience necessary for companies to thrive in today’s dynamic business climate.