Increased Functioning and Capacity

An organization's investment in its people is one of the most rapid and effective ways to increase productivity and protect its bottom line.

Each process we provide is designed to help improve an organization’s internal and external functioning and capacity amid its changing priorities. Areas of improvement can include:

  • More effective communication
  • Improved interpersonal relations and group dynamics
  • More efficient decision processes
  • More effectual leadership and management styles
  • Improved skill in resolving conflict
  • Higher levels of trust and cooperation

Improving Workplace Performance

What we know about human behavior and performance is that people are naturally motivated when you mix the right ingredients. Employees want to be and do their best, but first you must create an environment where this can happen easily.

Inside the role of leadership and day-to-day management it is easy to forget that employees are people first.

By investing in your people, you end up with a more efficient, self-sustaining workforce culture that supports your specific goals and your bottom line.

Six-Step Approach

Working in collaboration with designated management, we begin with a baseline assessment and develop a systematic plan for improvement. This is followed by strategic and informal testing of new practices, a review of outcomes, and then filling in the gaps where appropriate.

The following steps provide a brief outline of our approach.

  1. Needs Assessment. Working together we will review your near-term and longer range objectives and how our coaching, planning and trainings can help you accomplish them.
  2. Program Development. Once your specific goals are clearly established, we develop customized solutions and programs to meet your individual company needs.
  3. Pre-Learning. When appropriate, your staff will receive in advance of the trainings, a packet of materials that helps set the stage for a positive and productive learning experience.
  4. Program Delivery.  Meetings, facilitation and trainings are presented by our staff at your location of choice. The executive coaching and individual performance coaching segments can be provided on-site, via telephone and by teleconference.
  5. Follow Up. Six to eight weeks after your customized program has been implemented, we will provide a follow up meeting or teleconference with your key managers and staff to benchmark progress and determine any next steps you may wish to take.
  6. Ongoing Support. We'll continue meetings, quarterly trainings, teleconferences, and individual coaching with you and your staff as needed to keep the education working inside your organization.

To learn more or schedule a session, contact us.