Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

In today’s diverse world, people from many different backgrounds must be able to work well together.

Yet, sometimes biases and stereotyping related to race, culture, age, gender or capabilities can block our ability to accomplish this effectively.

To successfully intervene in situations and bring out the best in people, we need to increase awareness and work on our own personal leadership.

This training provides awareness and skill development for people at all levels within an organization to:

  • Understand the personal impact of discrimination
  • Recognize misinformation that people have learned about different groups
  • Learn hands-on tools that immobilize prejudiced comments and behavior
  • Change hearts, attitudes and behaviors through the power of personal experiences and story
  • Value the gifts and strengths of every group

The best performing teams understand how every issue impacts performance, and how to dissolve the glue that gets everything unstuck. Embracing diversity in the workplace is a skill that leads to increased (team and individual) productivity, as well as enhanced cooperation and harmony.

This training can be provided companywide (separately or together) with management and leadership teams.

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