Performance Styles & Motivational Triggers

Discovering What Drives You

An important trait shared by most successful leaders is self-awareness. They recognize situations that bolster their natural strengths and performance, and look for solutions to bridge any limitations.

Two key tools we use at Hawaii WorkPlace to increase your personal and organizational success are:

1. The Performance Style evaluation—a scientific measure of 4 key behavioral dimensions based upon Dr. William Marston’s behavioral DISC index. Your understanding of these dimensions has an immediate impact on communication, conflict resolution, team building and leadership success.

2. The Core Motivation profile measures the relative importance placed on each of 6 core values or interests. These are the key drivers that influence critical decisions and compel each member of your team to act on important goals.

People who understand these innate motivational triggers are more likely to pursue the right opportunities and lead their team to greater success and fulfillment.

This training is currently offered in-house only. To learn more or schedule a session, please contact us at 808-883-9791.