Building Effective Teams

One of the best ways to improve workplace morale and productivity is through effective teambuilding.

Cultivating successful teams usually requires improving work skills, communication and understanding of others, resolving conflict, and increasing the level of buy-in for a common goal or purpose.

In this program, you’ll learn the fundamental dynamics that operate within most groups, and why this is so important to achieving immediate and long-term organizational goals. Topics include:

  • How to cultivate a productive teamwork culture
  • Creating commitment and accountability
  • Tapping the power of group synergy and loyalty
  • The five stages of group development
  • Understanding style differences and individual motives
  • The five teams every organization needs

Individual commitment to a group effort can produce results far beyond what is obtainable by its members working independently. This course provides both conventional and leading-edge strategies to increasing employee participation in planning, problem solving, decision making, customer service and getting things done.

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